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About Us

Welcome to Social Mantras

Social Media Marketing and Communication Management

Who Are We

Every relationship starts and grows with the positive power of communication, may it be through any mode and medium. We strongly believe in this power of communication and try to utilize the same while handling social media. 

25+ years of heterogenous experience in communication, public relations, social media management for various B2B & B2C industries has provided us exposure to managing these and related activities. With our trust in the power of words and expressions, writing and content creation comes naturally to us. We generate, edit, and publish authentic, engaging, enriching, valuable, informative and search engine optimized content for the website and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. so that you can build trust and long-term association with your audience. Our niche is to provide digital marketing and communication services for startups and small businesses along with medical and healthcare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you utilize digital and social media platforms as an open-ended marketing tool. Let your audience/clients find you, and you continue to find your target audience through various modes and mediums to grow your online presence, business and have high levels of web traffic. 

We wish to help start-ups, small businesses and medical & healthcare companies to establish and increase their digital presence along with growth in business.


What We Do

Our Process


Website & Social Media

We audit website and social media platforms to discover what you have done in the past and do an audit of your previous on-line projects and performance. We research what is your current standing on social media platforms. In case you are a start-up, we can also manage and do website hosting, design, and development (WordPress) for your business along with starting and establishing your social media platforms. 

Research & Marketing Strategy (Competitor Analysis)

Before we do competition research, we define the area of improvement to reduce the gap between the expectations and the reality on all social media platforms about your product, services, and target audience.

Audience Persona & Market Segmentation

Once we discover and define what is to be done, we discuss what you want to do and accordingly learn about your target audience and their persona. We design a social media marketing plan as per the segmentation of the market for you. It includes the choice of the right platforms along with communication and content strategy.

Communication Strategy

It involves both ways of communication, as to how to be found by your audience/clients and how do you find your target audience. We develop customized communication and digital marketing plan for your product or services for all the platforms. It involves what to share, on which platform, and how to share.


Content Strategy

It involves complete planning, creation and marketing of the content as per the niche and platform.  We create authentic, engaging, enriching, valuable, and informative content for all digital and traditional communication.


Implementation & Management

Once you are satisfied with the planning and solutions, we will implement the same to start the campaigns and online marketing. We will work closely with your staff also to ensure that they are completely familiar with the details.

Why Choose Us?

There are many companies to choose from, with a lot of experience like us.

Why we feel we are different, because, we don’t believe in creating links but trust in creating relationships. This is what we aim for while adding value to the association and quality of our work.

We give importance to the quality of work we deliver as compared to the quantity, still, it is significant to share the numbers and we are confident to keep on adding to the number along with quality while we are growing.

Some Numbers

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We welcome you to this blog and website!

Davinder Kaur is a Digital Marketing Freelancer and experienced Communication and Public Relations professional with more than 20 years of experience.  She helps Solopreneurs, Start-ups, Small Business Owners, Medical & Healthcare professionals to establish their Personal Branding  and utilize the digital and traditional platforms to increase their presence and grow their business by incorporating and executing effective social media and communication strategies.

Although experienced across all traditional and digital marketing channels, Davinder specializes in Social Media Marketing, Communication Management, Website Strategy, Content Marketing,  Public Relations and Personal Branding. She enjoys sharing knowledge, creative ideas, inspiring success and motivating business owners.

Since her childhood, she has a keen interest in observing and reading about human behavior, body language, and various communication styles. It has helped her to interact with people from diversified cultural, ethnic, social, and religious backgrounds during her vast travel in India and other countries. She still feels like a student on this earth and believes that learning is a never-ending exercise.  

If not working,  she can be found reading or writing, cooking for her family, on hills for trekking on weekends, or making upcycle/recycle art pieces from waste objects. Her recycle art can be seen at Trash2Table. She loves nature and cares for the environment, animals and the underprivileged section of society.

Find out more about Davinder at her LinkedIn profile. She writes about various topics on her Blog