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Discover what Personal Branding is!

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Why have a personal brand?

Whether you are a seasoned professional, entrepreneur, startup, or student, personal branding is an essential tool in the world of business today. It allows you to be unique and find ways to gain exposure for your ideas and platforms. To use it, you must discover what personal branding is and have a firm grasp of what it means to brand yourself professionally. Branding yourself gives you a space to express who you really are and what you stand for. It is about being memorable and being able to build relationships online and offline. This article will break down exactly what personal branding is and understand the importance of ‘you’.

Branding of any company or product is a marketing practice of creating a name, logo, design, and tagline that can identify and differentiate a product from others in the market. 

Let’s understand, what is Personal Branding 

Have you ever tried to google your name with or without your business? 

If your name with or without your business appears in the search, means you have spent some good time developing your personal brand. If you do not appear in the search, it’s clear that you haven’t spent much time on this.

Let’s not get intimidated by the bigger brands in the market. When it comes to a start-up or small-sized business, a faceless brand or logo might be a challenge. It is true that “people buy from people” and a face behind the brand is what people associate the business with.

The point is that personal branding has become increasingly important in recent years. People have started to realize that their personal brand affects both their success and how others perceive them and the importance of perception cannot be underestimated.

A personal brand is a representation of oneself, typically in the form of a visual identity. It’s an expression of your unique talents and abilities, your vision for the future, as well as your values, goals, and ideals. By developing a well-defined personal brand that aligns with business goals, you can amplify your reputation to attract more opportunities, customers, and sales. 

The importance of “you” in personal branding! What makes you different?

A personal brand isn’t just about you; it’s also about what makes you different. Every individual is a brand of his or her own. We all are trying to build our personal brands since we want to be recognized for something special and set ourselves apart from the rest of the crowd. Believe me, even if your niche is overcrowded, you still have something amazing and extraordinary to offer.

How to start your journey of personal branding:

In your life and career, you can’t be all things to all people. As much as we’d like to think we could, it’s just not a realistic expectation. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your brand or its message to appeal to everyone. The solution is simple: focus on what makes you unique and memorable. Every niche has an audience and you will also find your audience.

  1. You are special and you have something valuable to share with the world. 
  2. A strong personal brand conveys a clear sense of identity and personality.
  3. It is about your journey and how you want the world to see you & the way is to be yourself.
  4. Let your work do the talking.
  5. Be authentic in your approach (fake behavior is easily spotted).

The worst online behavior is to promote yourself to what you are not at your core. It is done just to appease a wider audience or to fit into their popular norms. For example, if you don’t like partying, you wouldn’t try to promote yourself as a party hopper. You will find an audience for your niche and it will not happen overnight. But got to be sure to stay true to yourself.

If your current approach to communication and personal branding needs to be refreshed, start with the suggestions in this post, and stay tuned to know more in the upcoming articles!

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